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You bring the team. I bring the tools. We bring your strategy to life.

Your organization is getting the results it’s designed to get. If your organization isn’t taking full advantage of the opportunities in front of it, it may be time to redesign. But redesigns can get unwieldy and create more problems than they solve. It’s easy to fall victim to common pitfalls that cost your business time, money, talent, and customers. Nearly 60% of organization restructures fail.* On average they actually wind up decreasing profit by almost 3%**—but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Whether your go-to-market strategy is changing, your company is growing in leaps and bounds, or you need to tweak to find efficiency and scale, we can design your company to meet your customer promises. 

​*2016 Gartner Change Management Head of Function Survey

**Restructure or Reconfigure? Harvard Business Review, March-April 2017

Facilitated strategic design sessions

One to multi-day sessions to flesh out your ideal organization design and prioritized initiatives.

Redesign implementation support

Guidance in implementing your new organization design

HR Partner support

Side-by-side facilitation support or behind the scenes coaching through client organization


LEADERSHIP TEAM effectiveness

Collective strengths unleashed

Running an organization is a team sport. Successful teams leverage their collective strengths to deliver business outcomes and build inspiring cultures along the way. But even the most senior teams aren’t immune to the dynamics that can derail them and your company. When your team isn’t gellin’, you’re leaving growth potential on the table. Only 18% of executives rate their leadership teams as very effective*—but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Whether you’re new to your team, you just built one, or your existing team isn’t firing on all cylinders, C2 will help your team knock it out of the park. 

*Are You Getting the Best Out of Your Executive Team?, Center for Creative Leadership, 2017

Team Journey Jumpstart

Facilitated session to get clear on team strengths, purpose, expectations, and goals. 

custom Team Coaching Engagement

The perfect combination of assessments, individual coaching sessions, and facilitated team sessions to get - and keep - your team on track.


Get clear.  Get confident.  Get moving.

Being a senior leader is no walk in the park. The higher you go, the more unique and complicated the problems. The more you need a trusted partner to help you tackle your toughest challenges in a safe environment. Together, we’ll simplify complexity, improve your decision making, and refine the skills that serve you as a senior leader. Some say it’s lonely at the top—but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Whether you’re new to a role or recently tasked with transforming your organization, we'll tailor a coaching solution perfectly suited to you.

LEADERSHIP Journey Jumpstart

Get clear on strengths and potential blind spots, develop your personal leadership vision, and jumpstart your development journey

custom Coaching Engagement

The made-for-you combination of leadership assessments and on-going sessions to build your skills and achieve your goals



Live your ideal life.

Want to be more fulfilled in your life or career? Still unsure about your purpose? Feeling good and know there’s more potential to tap into? I’ve been there. The Passion Test changed the way I look at my life and career, and I know it can change yours!

The Passion Test is a simple yet powerful process aimed at discovering your passions and aligning your life and career with what matters most to you. When you’re clear on your purpose, you:

  • Are more resilient in the face of life's ups and downs*

  • Live longer with less risk of dementia and stroke*

  • Are four times more likely to find fulfillment in your work*

You're deserving of all of this and more! Life's too short not to live it passionately. Let's C2 it!

*Igniting individual purpose in times of crisis, McKinsey Quarterly, August 2020

discover your
top 5 passions

Get back in touch with the things that are most important to you.

create the vision for your ideal life

Get crystal clear on what you want to show up in your life.

tools to overcome
limiting beliefs 

Learn the tools to keep you clear and focused.

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