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build team connection.
Enhance emotional intelligence.
unlock potential.
in only 8 weeks.

You know you have a capable team.  But relentless demands can drain their capacity to stay focused, hit their targets, and–let's be real–play nicely together in the sandbox.   It doesn't have to be that way!  If your team needs a mindset shift or a capacity boost then this is program for them. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey that will revolutionize the way your team collaborates, communicates, and thrives.

PQ Powered teamS

Hosted by Executive and Positive Intelligence Coach, Christine Calandrella

in just 8 weeks
your team will learn to:

Use practical techniques that develop emotional intelligence, enable better conflict resolution, and foster empathy-driven collaboration.

Enhance EQ

Harness the power of Positive Intelligence to overcome what's holding the them back from achieving their full potential.

Unlock Potential 

Build Team Connection

Create a deep understanding among team members that fosters trust, open lines of communication, and promotes accountability.

how it works*:

I know your team is busy and doesn't have hours to spend in "traditional" training.  So I don't do that!  PQ Powered Teams is a development experience that combines self-directed learning, group coaching, and one-on-one coaching for a truly unique and transformational journey.

Bite-sized and Customized

The team's learning experience is app-guided!  Weekly hour-long videos deliver deep experiential exploration of the week's focus.  15 minutes/day of app-guided practice enables individuals to build new skills and lasting habits.  All customized to their unique learning needs and daily schedule.

Team Coaching

The real magic happens when the team comes together!  Each week the team meets virtually in a 1-hour facilitated group coaching session. Team members will reinforce their individual experience with deep team reflection and mutual support.  Addtional team coaching sessions are available based on team needs*.

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Each team member gets to work with a coach!  The first 8 weeks of PQ Powered Teams includes 2 personal one-hour, virtual  coaching sessions to reinforce the foundational skills they're developing.  

*The PQ Powered Team experience may be configured to meet your team's unique needs.

what you get*:

  • Personal Saboteur Assessment (so individuals can discover what's holding them back)

  • 2 Personal Positive Intelligence (PQ) Assessments (so individuals can track their personal transformation)

  • Daily email and team chat support

  • Access to the Positive Intelligence (PQ) App and 6 week PQ Program

  • 8 sixty-minute facilitated team (up to 7 team members) sessions 

  • 2 individual coaching sessions

  • 6 months of PQ Grow (so the team can continue their journey post-program)

  • 2 Team Positive Intelligence (PQ) Assessments (to track the team's transformation)

*The PQ Powered Team experience may be configured to meet your team's unique needs.

6 Months on Continued Support

Each team member will have access to PQ Grow! PQ Grow is the next level app-guided experience designed to reinforce team and individual habits developed during the initial 8 weeks of the program.  Each individual will continue to master personal accountability, cultivate emotional intelligence, and unlock potential for greatness.  

8 week virtual program + 2 personal coaching sessions + 6 months post program support:  $1775/individual

SPECIAL OFFER: First 5 team members $1775/individual; 10% discount for each additional team member $1597.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:  If the team fully participates and doesn't experience change in 4 weeks I'll refund your money-no questions asked!

Ruby V.   |  VP, SkyeTeam

It’s powerful to pay attention to the thoughts that don’t serve you.  I became increasingly aware of the negative selftalk and how it influences my life.   This program helped to oberve those behaviors and make different choices in the moment.
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